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GRUPO PRIMARELLI the evolution of family businesses from the past that began in the late 1920’s when Maria Pavigniani, the grandmother of Angelo Ceciarelli founder of Primarelli, went to Mexico from Bologna, Italy becoming one of the pioneers of the clothing industry in Mexico. She opened a fashion house where she designed fine clothes for the most important personalities in Mexico. In the 1950’s, Yolanda Pavigniani, Angelo Ceciarelli’s mother, married Mr. Franco Ceciarelli and started a chain of stores and boutiques called Pavigniani Ceciarelli, where Mrs. Ceciarelli’s exclusive handmade dresses were sold. Pavigniani with international fabrics and designs by Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Courrèges, and Valentino and imports of the best brands in the world such as Giorgio Armani, Rossetti, Zanotti, Pierre Cardin, etc. The company incorporated manufacturing facilities after receiving the license from Christian Dior in the sixties. The Christian Dior line was produced in family-run factories employing hundreds of people, under the Christian Dior garments and ties, International ties, Haute Couture and MIDAT brands. In the early 80’s the family introduced international brands such as Benetton and Fiorucci to Mexico. Since its inception the Ceciarelli family has been selling to major retailers and department stores, gaining a valuable client base. Likewise, they have been distributing famous brands such as Chemise Lacoste, Krizia, Dolce & Gabbana, Rifle, and Versace that Mr. Angelo Ceciarelli introduced in his days in the national market. Throughout the years until today, the Pavignani Ceciarelli family has not only pioneered any manufacturing license that Dior has given in the world, but they have also been the exclusive importers, distributors and licensees of the best Italian and French brands that entered the Mexican market since its inception. In recent times as distributors have included brands such as Diadora Heritage, Macron, Givova and Geox. In 2013 Angelo Ceciarelli begins its expansion in Spain, with the opening of stores under the banner of Primarelli Store. It has also established an alliance with some prestigious groups for its rapid growth. Likewise, world-renowned brands have been incorporated and will be sold in their stores as well as online. For the distribution in the American market currently has the representation and distribution companies Grupo Primarelli S.A. de C.V. and Moda Vitti, S.A. de C.V. in Mexico and in Panama the company Panamerican Enterprise LTD. For distribution in Europe, East and Africa, the companies are Grupo Primarelli, S.L., Moda Vitti, S.L. and JJ Vitti, S.L.

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